Today I randomly decided to challenge myself and document part of my day. I’m so glad I did because it brought me back to the days when I was in photography school and I would take pictures of anything and everything just for fun. Here are two of my favorite images from today, one of Kristin smiling while she napped and one of Ryan’s real smile. He’s going through a phase where he has a really cheesy smile, so to capture his real smile and show off his blue eyes made my day. When I noticed Kristin was smiling in her sleep this afternoon, I can only imagine how weird I must have looked standing over her for several minutes to capture it perfectly! 🙂



Christmas Minis 2016!

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Can you believe it’s time for Christmas pictures already?! I can always tell the holidays are quickly approaching because of the number of emails I receive from clients asking about scheduling a session!  This year I am doing a brand new special that I’ve never offered before. I’m offering packages that include only digital files with a print release! This means you can print the pictures on your own and make Christmas cards through websites such as Shutterfly.com or Nations Photo Lab. I will still offer prints to anyone who prefers printed pictures. I think this new sale will be a huge success and speed up the time it takes to get your pictures back to you!

The special holiday sale includes…
-A 45 minute holiday themed session in the studio!

-Holiday backgrounds and props! Backgrounds that will be set up include snowflakes, a fireplace with brick, double red doors with wreaths, a bed with a beige headboard and barn board in the background, rustic decorations with a Christmas tree, and more!

-One time packages that only include digital files with a print release!This is perfect for making your own holiday cards and making your own prints to give to family! 

-Pictures guaranteed ready for pickup by December 15!

-This special pricing is available between November 19-December 4. Please book as early as possible. Orders will be completed in the same order they were taken.

-Prices will increase on December 5 due to deadlines.

-$40 session fee and packages that only include digital files start at just $75 with payment plans available!

Please contact me at 607-368-6245 to schedule your session!




Here are a few of my favorites from a recent session with the ’57 Chevy! 🙂DSC_2944







Sorry for the delay in this week’s post! This is a really busy time of year for us, as you may have been able to tell from previous posts! 🙂

Studio progress!

We are getting so close to finishing up the siding on the front! What do you think of the color? DSC_7851.jpg

Here’s the meeting room. We still have trim work to do (unfortanately Sean had most of it done but then had to take it off to cut the edges of the floor to allow it to expand). We plan on doing a different display to the left of the door and we will be adding a few more pictures to the collage wall behind my desk! DSC_7844.jpg

I absolutely love these floating shelves from Target! This is one of my favorite places in the studio. When I was given my husband’s grandfather’s old camera, I knew I wanted to display it!  My original plan was to hang it on the wall but you couldn’t see it very well so instead we grabbed a cake smash stand out of the prop room and it works perfectly to display it! 🙂


Classic car display!

The owner of this ’57 Chevy wanted me to design a 16×20 collage and have it printed on canvas to display at a car show! Here’s what I came up with!

Shannon Collage

Favorite pictures of the week!











This Week at CCP! {Week 6}

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Week six already?! Where is the summer going?!

Matthew turned ONE!

I love these pictures of Michael helping Matthew smash his cake! 🙂 (I will admit it’s making me a little sad thinking that if Matthew had his birthday, that means Kristin is next! They are about three weeks apart! You can tell we have a huge family because Matthew is actually my first cousin!)


Studio updates!

We’re making progress!! The front is almost completely sided and the exterior lights are up! I was at the studio last week when we had a really heavy rain. The rain was coming right in the crack between the walls and windows, spilling all over the new flooring. Luckily I was there and noticed it before it was ruined! Sean took a personal day and worked on the siding. Maybe a few more rainstorms and we will get the rest of the building done 😉


Favorite pictures of the week!



This Week at CCP {Week 5}

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Back to school mini session: special discount pricing!

I found the perfect desk and model for the back to school mini sessions!! These sessions will be held one day (unless you contact me to make other arrangements!), Saturday, August 13. They will be 20-30 minute sessions with props supplied (desk, globe, books, composition notebook, pencils, and more!) but feel free to bring along anything to personalize your session! This is a very rare opportunity to receive just a disc of pictures because I know that your kids will be getting a school picture soon as well. The price for the session and eight fully edited pictures on a CD is just $85+tax!  🙂

SchoolsBackMarketingBoard Claire.jpg

(Finally) Decorating the studio!

Due to the rain, we had an unusually quiet weekend so we took advantage of that time and did a ton of work on the studio! And by we, I mean my husband! He put together and hung up a beautiful chandelier in the meeting room, hung up a picture in the bathroom, worked on the ceiling fan in the lounge area of the studio, and put up floating shelves in the meeting room. I am so in love with the way everything is turning out! He was disappointed he didn’t get more work done but what I left out is the fact that we had two little ‘helpers!’ (We still can’t find the pliers that mysteriously disappeared!) 🙂


This week’s goal is to decide on how to arrange all the frames I bought and hang them up!Screen Shot 2016-08-01 at 11.25.41 AM.png

Screen Shot 2016-08-01 at 11.28.02 AM.png

Family spotlight: Stephen & Joseph!

Being from a big family (my mom is one of 15 full siblings!), they keep me pretty busy photographing all of the big moments in their lives; new babies, engagements, senior pictures, and more. This week I photographed my cousins’ senior pictures! It’s a great way to catch up with everyone and family is always my best form of advertisement! 🙂


Starting to schedule fall sessions!

Believe it or not, I’m already starting to schedule fall mini sessions!! These sessions go FAST, so please contact me if you are interested! Here’s one of my favorite family pictures from last year. Check out more family pictures on my website.

Screen Shot 2016-08-01 at 10.30.46 AM.png

Tori’s birth announcements!

Here’s the front and back of Tori’s custom designed birth announcements! I love the way they look in person! They are 5×7 cards, printed front and back on a really nice thick paper and come with envelopes. All you have to do it put them in the envelopes and send them to your family and friends because all the information is already printed on the cards!



Ryan & Kristin’s new hiding spot!

Now that she’s on the go, Kristin (and Ryan) love opening up the cabinet door and playing under the sink. They love it so much that they somehow managed to knock the water pipe out of alignment..oops! 🙂


Favorite pictures of the week! DSC_5185


(The grass in Carter’s mouth….too cute!!) DSC_3316