Upcoming Holiday Specials!

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The Early Bird Special for the family or just the kids is on November 10 & 11! These sessions are offered in the studio or outside at the tree farm! They are perfect for getting an early start on your holiday cards! Family holiday portraits after November 11 will be priced at $250 to compensate for the quicker turn around time!  These sessions will be offered on November 18 and 25 and December 1 and 2. 

Early Bird Christmas Special**Flyer below is for the pricing after the Early Bird Special**

Christmas Special

One day only kid’s special! Quick and fun holiday themed sessions in the studio with a fast turn around to allow you plenty of time to make holiday cards! Don’t forget pictures make a great gift for that hard to find person on your list!

Christmas kids special

-All holiday images can be retouched for an additional price.

***Sessions for all other dates (excluding high school seniors, please inquire about pricing) will be subject to my regular pricing; a $50 session fee for a one hour session in the studio or outside. After the session, you can come back to the studio to view all of the edited pictures and pick your desired images. The packages start at $200 with your choice of ten fully retouched and edited digital images with a print release. The retouching includes removal of any blemishes, acne, under eye circles, cuts, bruises, etc. You can add more images to the CD, high quality printed pictures, and canvases! Payment plans are available!


Personal Q+A

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I had a boudoir session the other day and at the end of the session, I was talking with the client. Making clients feel comfortable when they are being photographed is always my number one priority. I always ask when we are finished if the client felt comfortable and she said how relieved she was when she came to the studio and saw that I was young. I laughed and was glad that my one piece of stubborn gray hair that always pops up in the middle of my head must have been hiding that day! But in all seriousness, it made me realize that any new clients who have never met me before have no idea who they will meet when the come for a session. I thought that making a Q+A post of questions I frequently get asked might be a fun way to get to know me!

Q; How long have you been in business?
A; I started my business back in 2011 when I was 19 and fresh out of college. So even though it doesn’t seem possible that it has been thing long, this July will be seven years!

Q: How many kids do you have and how old are they?
A: I have three kids; a 4 year old, a two year old, and my youngest is six months!
Q: Did you always know you wanted to be a photographer?
A: No, actually. For the longest time I wanted to be a teacher.

Q: What are your favorite types of pictures to take?
A: That’s a tough one but I would have to say newborns and high school seniors. I love that the seniors are always up for my crazy ideas but I also love that newborns are such a challenge. You have to be incredibly patient but it is so rewarding to get an amazing shot!

Q: Do you live at your studio?
A: Sort of. We built the studio back in 2015 knowing that in a few years we would build a house next to it and connect the two buildings with a breezeway. So while they are separate buildings, I can walk from one to the other without going outside! And let me tell you, after years of driving back and forth from my house to the studio several times a day, living at our new house has been AWESOME!

Q; Do you have any assistants or do you do everything by yourself?
A: My husband and kids do a lot behind the scenes whether it be helping me get the studio ready for a session or getting kids to smile for the camera but for the most part, it’s just me. I do all of the actual picture taking and editing

Q: Do you print the pictures yourself?
A: Nope! I send them out to a professional lab that does an amazing job! I’ve been using the same lab for seven years and even though I am incredibly picky about the quality of the pictures, they have yet to let me down!
Q; What kind of camera do you use?
A; I’m a Nikon girl and have been for the past seven years. I often get asked about different cameras and if I would recommend them or not. I think people are surprised when I tell them that I’m not the best person to ask. Unlike some of my photographer friends who are really into all of the new models and all of the different statistics on various cameras, I’ve never been interested in all of that.  My motto has always been to invest in really nice equipment and know how to use it well. I don’t get too caught up in every latest piece of equipment because while the latest and greatest gadgets are fun to play with, I feel like I can give clients a better finished product by knowing how to use the equipment I have exceptionally well.

Q: Did you go to school for photography or are you self taught?
A: I graduated from one of the top photography schools, Hallmark Institute of Photography, formerly located in Massachusetts.

Q: How do you find the locations that you use to take pictures at?
A: I’ve lived in Addison most of my life so I know the area really well. But I am constantly on the lookout for new places to take pictures so much in fact that my kids will sometimes say, ‘Mom, that looks like a nice place to take pictures,’ when we are driving. Teach them young!

Q: Do you shoot digital or film?
A: Digital, I’ve actually never used film before!

Q: Are my kids the worst kids you’ve ever photographed?

A: Definitely! No, just kidding! Believe me when I say I’ve seen it all over the years and don’t forget that I’m a mom myself so I know how hard it is to take pictures of kids. Sometimes they’ll surprise you and be a perfect little model while other times they have meltdowns and make you want to pull your hair out. Totally normal. In fact, I’m more surprised if they are easy to take pictures of because that hardly ever happens!

If you have any questions that I didn’t answer above, feel free to leave a comment!

Newborn Poses

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Hi everyone! I’m just going to pretend it hasn’t been a year or so since I last posted here. A lot has happened; we sold our house, built a new one, had a baby, had a lengthy stay in the hospital while he recovered from surgery, and I took several months off. I was worried about taking a break from my business since it was the first time I have taken off any real length of time off. I think a break was actually exactly what I needed. It gave me time to slow down a little and evaluate the direction I want my business so head towards as my family grows. I have been working on making lots of changes that hopefully both my clients and my family are happy with the improvements. Here are a few newborn poses I did just for fun of my five month old ‘newborn’ Lincoln!



Today I randomly decided to challenge myself and document part of my day. I’m so glad I did because it brought me back to the days when I was in photography school and I would take pictures of anything and everything just for fun. Here are two of my favorite images from today, one of Kristin smiling while she napped and one of Ryan’s real smile. He’s going through a phase where he has a really cheesy smile, so to capture his real smile and show off his blue eyes made my day. When I noticed Kristin was smiling in her sleep this afternoon, I can only imagine how weird I must have looked standing over her for several minutes to capture it perfectly! 🙂



Christmas Minis 2016!

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Can you believe it’s time for Christmas pictures already?! I can always tell the holidays are quickly approaching because of the number of emails I receive from clients asking about scheduling a session!  This year I am doing a brand new special that I’ve never offered before. I’m offering packages that include only digital files with a print release! This means you can print the pictures on your own and make Christmas cards through websites such as Shutterfly.com or Nations Photo Lab. I will still offer prints to anyone who prefers printed pictures. I think this new sale will be a huge success and speed up the time it takes to get your pictures back to you!

The special holiday sale includes…
-A 45 minute holiday themed session in the studio!

-Holiday backgrounds and props! Backgrounds that will be set up include snowflakes, a fireplace with brick, double red doors with wreaths, a bed with a beige headboard and barn board in the background, rustic decorations with a Christmas tree, and more!

-One time packages that only include digital files with a print release!This is perfect for making your own holiday cards and making your own prints to give to family! 

-Pictures guaranteed ready for pickup by December 15!

-This special pricing is available between November 19-December 4. Please book as early as possible. Orders will be completed in the same order they were taken.

-Prices will increase on December 5 due to deadlines.

-$40 session fee and packages that only include digital files start at just $75 with payment plans available!

Please contact me at 607-368-6245 to schedule your session!




Here are a few of my favorites from a recent session with the ’57 Chevy! 🙂DSC_2944