Fall Mini Sessions: What to Expect

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The mini sessions can be a little overwhelming but hopefully this play by play blog post will help everyone better understand what to expect! Here’s what will happen in six simple steps:


1) Arrive at location early (which is still being decided upon, I will let everyone know asap).

2) I will be finishing up a session so you will have time to get the little kids dressed and ready to go. This is a great time to talk to the kids and tell them how much fun we’re going to have!

3) When it’s your turn, you can come over and we will introduce ourselves. Thirty minutes is enough time to take a few different poses of family pictures as well as pictures of the kids together and individually. I will suggest that I take a picture of you and your husband. You’ll say ‘No’, he’ll say ‘Sure’, and I’ll say ‘How about I take just a couple and if you don’t like them, we’ll delete them?’ You’ll look at them later and (hopefully) love it and say ‘We haven’t had a picture together since our wedding!’ (Haha, that was meant to be funny not cocky!) :)

4) We will do as many different combinations as possible in the time we have and then we will schedule a time to come back to the studio later in the week or at your convenience to look at the pictures.


5) We will meet at the studio and I will have a slideshow of the best pictures prepared for you. We will go through them, pick our your favorites, and put them into the package that best fits your needs. The packages are very flexible and accommodating to pretty much any wants or needs. The order will be placed that day so please bring along whomever is part of the decision making process. Whatever your total is, it’s not all due at once. Most clients do a down payment that day and pay the rest when the pictures are finished. I can accept cash or check. Once I’ve received payment, I will start the ordering process.

6) Your pictures will be ordered and I will contact you as soon as they are finished. We will schedule a time to meet at the studio and you can pay the remaining balance and pick them up!

Pretty simple, right?! If you haven’t decided what to wear, check out this post!


Now that you’re signed up for the Fall mini sessions, you might be wondering what you should wear. Here are a few tips that I tell all my clients who ask for clothing advice: 1. Avoid mix and matching patterns. Stripes and polka dots don’t photograph very well together. 2. If one person wears a pattern (which I recommend), everyone else should wear solids or layers or different solids. For example, if someone wears a blue and gray plaid, everyone else can wear either blue or gray. By layering I mean a tank top/shirt underneath that shows at the bottom or a cardigan overtop. 3. Keep everyone at the same level of dressed up or casual. If one person is wearing dress pants and a nice shirt it will make the person wearing ripped jeans and a t-shirt out of place. 4. Don’t overthink it! I know exactly what it’s like trying to figure out what to wear and I do this as a career! Just keep it simple; when you look at the picture you want to focus on the faces not on the clothing. 5. Couples especially don’t need to match exactly. This tends to make your pictures seem more like brother and sister instead of husband and wife. Show your personality! 6. Scarves, jewelry, and layers are all a great way to keep the solid color theme going but to add a little personality! 7. When applying makeup, think about everyone else’s skin type. If we’re doing family pictures and everyone has fair skin, be careful when using foundation. You don’t want to overdo it and have your face be several shades darker than the rest of your family (or your neck). If I hope this doesn’t offend anyone but this makes the lighting really difficult. 8. Speaking of makeup, the camera actually ‘sees’ less than what you apply, especially around the eyes. Go easier on the foundation and heavier on the eyes. 9. Feel free to bring your children’s Halloween costumes! I can take some pictures of them wearing it if we have time! 10. Socks are important and so easily overlooked until the camera comes out. Determine what color socks (white, brown, or black) will look best with what you’re wearing before the session. 11. If you have young kids (1.5 and younger), I would strongly suggest arriving early and changing them into their clothes at the location. It would be unfortunate if they spit up or had an accident in the car. Which reminds me, if you have an extra outfit laying around that is similar to what they’re going to wear, it would be beneficial to bring it along just in case! 12. Check everyone’s hands before leaving the house! Brightly colored or chipped fingernail polish can be distraction. 13. If you just cannot figure out what to wear, look at other family pictures I done in the past and try to mimic what they wore as much as possible. 14. Large logos and shirts with writing are a huge distraction! Avoid them if possible! 15. Don’t forget you can accessorize little girl’s hair with super cute bows! Smaller bows are better because they add to the picture instead of taking away. DSC_3291 The Lyons’ family did a really great job with their outfits! John is wearing a blue and white, the girls are keeping it simple by wearing white, and Cynthia is wearing solid white layered with blue. Tim is wearing a cream color which slightly different than the whites but blends together. Check out the Frequently Asked Questions page on my website for more information!

Sarah: Senior Sneak Peek!

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I’ve been in Corning a lot recently photographing seniors! It’s been so much fun finding new locations! 


Beka: Senior Sneak Peek!

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I LOVED taking pictures in this field so much, I am considering it for the fall mini sessions! :) DSC_3190

Colin: Senior Sneak Peek!

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Seneca Lake is another one of my favorite places to take pictures! DSC_1662_2

Heather: Senior Sneak Peek!

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Contact me today to schedule your senior portrait session! DSC_9756

Savannah: Senior Sneak Peek!

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Savannah: Class of 2014

I still have lots of openings for senior portraits if you haven’t already scheduled yours! :)DSC_6097